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:: tenboy releases are now available thru iTunes, Amazon, Play, Napster, Spotify plus many other top download websites worldwide.

[[BIOG]] birmingham act tenboy were formed by singer songwriter dean cook.

dean started out as a drummer and has worked with such people as bruce dickenson, lemmy, ozzy osborne to name but a few.

he featured on a bunch of international albums & singles and various tv & radio with a number of bands plus he has played many top venues such as the hammersmith, marquee & ronnie scotts etc.

dean now writes, records & performs under the name tenboy.

tenboy releases appear on the uk indie label
The Shotgun Charlie Label

tenboy material has been likened to david gray, beck, wilco and neil finn, he has also recorded various acoustic sets showcasing tenboy songs in stripped down versions.

tenboy have been doing solo acoustic shows and have made many live acoustic appearances on such tv shows as the big breakfast (c4), nickelodean (Sky), bbc (1&2) & central plus many cable networks.

dean's other 'PET' project is electronica idm in the shape of
machineboy which has gained him placements in the game, tv & film soundtrack department.

recent releases by tenboy have gained much radio & tv airplay plus placements in a number of worldwide tv shows, such as Real World & Rad on various MTV & terestrial tv stations.

tenboy releases are now available from iTunes, Amazon & most other top download websites worldwide.

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:: latest news
1 June 2011
the latest tenboy ep is now available its a kinda sad song about a lost friend, but still with a little positive stuff added, you can take a listen from the samples at the tenboy songclub, thats on the right of this little web'land! you can buy the release from all the top donload websites worldwide incl. iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Play, Spotify, Napster etc etc, we have suppled a few links in the disco area!, enjoy!

3 June 2010
the new tenboy album is now available from all good download websites worldwide including iTunes, Amazon & Play.com the album titled 'Searching For That Time' and its a cracker, do yourself & tenboy a favour and go and buy a copy from the link above! tenboy'll love ya for it! ;-) tenboy also now have a facebook page, go there and 'like' tenboy on

shotguncharlie 1992/2011v1.

The tenboy song club!
Check out the new tracks from tenboy's latest ep 'The Girl in the Moon' and the latest album 'searching For That Time', enjoy, we'll be adding more on a regular basis!

The Girl In The Moon EP by tenboy

Searching for that time! by tenboy