hello..this is tinybluechildren gigz & newz !!

The new tinybluechildren ep is here ....its a spanking 6 track affair with Wide Eyed Ideas, 14 Again, Dissolve, This Is Easier, Hiding Son (Acoustic) & 655321 taking centre stage....you can order thru The Shotgun Charlie Label.

Their address is:
The Shotgun Charlie Label, 155 Drews Lane, Ward End, Birmingham B8 2qf, UK.
Cost: 4.00 (inc P&P)
make cheque payable to
Shotgun Charlie.

Just send a neat little note sayin "Hey gimme a copy of the AWESOME new tinybluechildren ep as soon as possible please !"...........and a copy will be winging its way to you....like SOOOOOON !!.....

Oh yeh anutha thing for the next month all the cd's ordered thru good old snail mail will be signed by all the band members.........jeezuz....how good is that....pretty good we finx !! go on buy buy buy !!!