Barco, Solihull gig review February 2003.
Written by Neil A. Bromley.

TINY BLUE CHILDREN seemed to have got the atmosphere from the
scarce audience but their professionalism and sheer quality
still made their set a performance worth watching and listening
to. TINY BLUE CHILDREN have got a sound which I think uses all
of the members qualities to the best advantage and produce a
complete sound that is welcoming and hard hitting at the same time.

The vocals as always are impeccable and become stronger each time
I hear them. The Pearl Jam reference before is a good one and if
you like the style, you will love TINY BLUE CHILDREN. They have the
same feel to them, of a rock band that has taken heavy rock and put
some mood to it with some quality melodies that carry the beat and
the edge with each song. There is something about TINY BLUE CHILDREN
that I really like. Exactly what it is I am unsure but I am convinced
that they are so good that they will be around long enough for me
to suss it out. Do yourself a good turn and find out when they are
next playing live:


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