Actress & Bishop – Fri 10th Sept 2004
Reviewed by TIGER
October 2004 Issue.

Talking of stylish rock, local maestros Tiny Blue Children, appeared on stage next. Still occupying one of my rare cardiac soft spots, I’m delighted to report that they were much more at home here than at the last shitty hole where I reviewed them. It was also a big relief that the rather rough cut new material which they’d been debuting back then has now been beautifully honed and beefed up and sounded absolutely bloomin’ marvelous, whilst Gareth’s voice was back on top form too - and he’s finally had a hair cut and no longer resembles Billy The Fish. Ha ha! I got enough stick for calling ‘em masturbating muppets last time. I wonder what vengeance they’ll reek this time? Ahhh, and I so wanted to be their favourite reviewer….Soz, Gaz!

Their set was a sonic bombardment of one ace chooon after another. Ben and Alex were laying down instantly recognizable TBC riffs, Nick’s cool bass rhythms stood out a mile - especially the jazzed up third track, whilst Animal’s…errm…sorry, I mean Dean’s drum work was as frenetic and impressive as ever. A big A+ for this performance children but ‘Please see me’ for omitting TBC standard and my favourite, Fourteen Again, from the set. Need a giggle? Check out

Tiger September 2004

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