The Old Railway, Birmingham 2001

A clever start to their set. Songs such as 'Instincts', 'All the difference' and 'Others May' show their true talents and I'm surprised to see Dean, on drums, can sing incredibly well whilst playing complicated drum patterns.
The smaller, yet twice as enthusiastic gathering are united in their approval of the sweeping, indie guitar sounds mastered by Rob and Ben.
With Steve on bass, their jigsaw is complete and their songs explode again and again, fans of The Bluetones or even Reef and Pearl Jam would be intoxicated by this performance but it doesn't end there.
By this time, a couple of local drunks show their appreciation by staggering in different directions around the exit, it looks like a form of dancing but no-one is entirely sure or bothered.
We're all too enthralled with 'Heaven' and Gareth had single handedly managed to pierce every woman's soul.
He cradles the microphone like it's something special and sings into it as though he is summoning up ancient powers to captivate minds and its working.
When its all too much to take, they introduce us to the pop side of tinybluechildren. We are entertained by the catchy and rather funky 'Everyday'. It sounds as though Gomez is covering a song by the Boo Radleys and it's all a bit of fun. Halfway through the number they all actually stop playing for a split second (where Steve manages to to fold his arms and look bored !) then continue to let rip for the remainder ot the song. As 'Fiddler' begins I gather that we're up for a change of style as Rob, Ben & Steve bang out some hardcore thrash on their instruments and then turn the song around to a melodic, haunting tune. They turn it around again for the chorus and the instrumental and they even end with a Celtic riff which works surprisingly well.
The next offering 'See it my way' picked us up and threw us around for a while and yet again we were reminded that Gareth has a great voice which has both range & soul.
Everyone argues who 'Me' is and to finish off, they leave us with 'Change your mind' which I've been humming ever since although I'm gutted that I can't remember the lyrics. Never mind though, it means I'll be going to see this band again. It was fast, funky, furious and forlorn and I enjoyed it immensely.


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