Written by Emerson - 2001

First impressions are usually right, so people say, and the first impressions I got off tinybluechildren's demo cd are that of a well put together sound, sounding all too strangely familiar.

tinybluechildren could easily be described as a cross between Savage Garden and Pearl Jam, the singer's gravelled voice reminds me of Pearl jam vocals, alongside a melody that still sits in my head as 'Affirmation' from Savage Garden on the first track.

The band are very well produced with the whole thing slickly mixed and put together, and its not surprising that these guys are playing in Universities across the area as well as appearing regularly within Zoot's bookings at the Flapper & Firkin, although they are apparently heavier live, I don't think this can be any bad thing.

If you like a spot of melodic indie, then keep an eye for these guy's, although there's nothing new here, they are doing the old very well.


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