"Wide Eyed Ideas" EP.
October 2003 Issue.

I guess it’s no surprise that it’s the vocalist that always gets the attention, let’s face it, Queen’s Camp Freddie was a damn sight more interesting than bass-boy John Deacon; the flip-side is that if a superb band has an even slightly wayward vocalist then they’re damned. Thankfully, Gareth Jones isn’t going to be causing his bandmates many sleepless nights, kicking up a storm that falls midway between Eddie Vedder and Adam Duritz, with only a tendency to a mannered vibrato raising an arched eyebrow. It’s in the background that the real interest lies though, a wall of sound that is neither metal nor indie, yet somehow both simultaneously. The shadow of Seattle grunge is cast here, but for a change that’s no bad thing.

Reuben Blades

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