Number 5, December 2003 Edition.
Interviewed by Pippa Schaafsma.

Listening to tiny blue children on cd doesn't do them justice. From the moment they enter the stage, the room is filled with frantic energy. They are spectacular !.

Their set ranges from upbeat rock anthems to haunting, melodic almost ballad like songs with a raw edge, heavy guitar and a hint of desperation about them. On these, vocalist Gaz looks faintly insane, almost as though someone has just that minute ripped his heart out, thrown it to the floor, and then stamped on it several times. Looking at him it is clear he puts every ounce of energy into his performance.

Performance is the key word here because Tiny Blue Children are a great live act.

Before the set, some of the band were kind enough to answer a few questions.

P: Apparently you've been tipped as favourites to win the 'Midlands Hottest Band of 2003' are you confident ?
Rob: We were happy to be chosen as one of the bands to do that and yeah we've been playing Birmingham for quite a while and we've seen the quality of the bands. There's some really good quility bands out there. But things have been stepping up for us recently so we're quite happy with where we are and what we are doing, so yeah.

P: It has to be said that the title track of your latest EP, 'Wide Eyed Ideas'is about how most music these days sounds the same. Is that fair comment ?
Gaz: It leans towards that yeah. One of the songs we do that pokes a bit of fun at certain elements of different things in other bands.
Rob: Its the state of the music industry at the moment really. So many people have put their faith in kind of pop songs.

P: What do you think of bands like Busted & Good Charlotte ?
Gaz: Oh I don't know what to say (laughs) My girlfriend is one of the biggest fans of Busted and Good Charlotte.
I think there's always going to be a market for it, they do what they do, good luck to them. The only problem I have with it is there's a lot of bands out there who are working really hard and it seems to be getting more and more difficult to get anywhere as a legitimate band.
Rob: It might be a slight minority but one positive way of looking as it is even though they're made by record companies at least its introduced them to a style of music they may not have been into before.
They might get into other bands. You've got The Darkness now which is great but at one point you got Limp Bizkit used to the rock music again.

P: How would you respond to the comment that you sound a little like David Gray meets Nickleback ?
(Laughter and shouts of 'no comment')
Rob: At the end of the day both those are popular artists, there's a niche in the market for both of those......
Gaz: As long as we don't look like Nickleback.....
Rob: ......but yeh I've got a Nickleback album actually. As long as its not Oasis we'll be fine.....

P: Which musicians would you most rather be apart from yourselves ?
Gaz: James Taylor.
Rob: The guy out of 'The Darkness', whats-is-name....
Gaz: Justin Hawken.
Nick: Me? Well I think it would have to be Flea out of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

P: Which do you enjoy most writing music or performing it ?
Gaz: Both to be honest. We're always writing songs but the performing of the songs is probably the best.
When you've just written a new song and you go out and perfom it, thats the best one. If you're playing the same songs over and over again you get bored with them. You write a new song, you go out and play it, people say 'Thats great'. Its kind of a bit of both.

P: Which song in the whole of musical history do you most wish you'd written ?
Nick: 'The end' by The Doors.
Gaz: 'I'll be there for you', The Rembrandts. No-one knows who they are but they must get loads of royalties.
Rob: 'Get your hands off my woman' by The Darkness.

P: Briefly describe your hopes, aspirations and goals, musical or otherwise.
Gaz: Making a living out of it really. We'd like to just be able to do this as a job really.
Rob: Yeah its one of these things where, like most bands, we're balancing a living with playing kind of thing.
To go on tour basically, take it step by step, as soon as big artists start to phone up thats when you start to feel like you could go out on tour and thats what I want to do. Even if I come back broke by the end of it.

P: Thank you Tiny blue children.


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