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The Musicians Channel are going to be running the 'Authority' video on rotation starting from the 17th March.
Musicians Channel
a clip of the new AUTHORITY video promo is available to download in the DOWNLOADS dept so go there, download and tell us wot ya think..o yeh plus we have added a couple of nu choons in MP3 format for you to feast yer minses on...these are recordings taken from the new (soon to come) Mundane Rhymes album. we've added a few more reviews to feast your mince pies on they come from those good people at Rock Sound magazine & Birmingham dudes The Beat ! take a look HERE plus if you aint got your donnies on a copy of the chaps glorious new slice of silver plastic ie....the NEW Authority single just go HERE and purchase a copy you won't regret it....HONEST...its WELL LARGE !! :-) the boys have been getting airplay on the new kerrang radio station, the freq is 105.2 fm, its a top station so go take a listen, they recently played Wide Eyed Ideas on the Kerrang Unsigned show (Sunday 11th July, 9pm) and if you have nuthin better to do with your time,,,,or you just love those could always text the station on 80908 and say something like...."I love tinybluechildren please play them some more!" or even "tinybluechildren are the ones 4 me don't cha know"...or even "I recently slept with the tinybluechildren drummer and he was the LARGEST total love god I have ever HAD !! please play more tinybluechildren on your spiffing radio show and hopefully the memories will come flooding back"......oh yeh by the way don't tell em we told you to do this.......we don't want people thinking we are trying to hype or even (YUK) sleep our way to the top (chance would be a fine thing !;-)........go on do it....give the boyz some of yer good old text support ! the gig at scruffy murphy's on saturday 6th march went deliceously...lots of people there and the band played a stormer...lots of foto taking, anybody got any to send us email em 2us and we'll put them on the website....anyway here's a couple to start you off:
clik for big un !clik for big un !
yup this b Gaz looking well and truley RAAAAAWK !!........more soon....;-)
plus the tinyblue dudes are back in incubator records pacific studios over the next few weeks to record more tracks for their album..they have now finished the tracks for the authority single and these will be mixed soon....can't wait ! ;-)
the band are starting the recording of their (1st....proper !!) debut album on the 20th February @ Pacific Studios, we're not 100% sure yet of a date for the album release but the album will follow TBC's next single which will be 'Authority'...the single has been penned in for release on Incubator in April 2004...... ..shwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !! ;-) the gig at The Jug Of Ale on Saturday 13th March has been cancelled...sorry and all that !....out of our control....the band we were supporting DEADCELL have sadly split up, a decent bunch of guy's too ;-)...oh well, rawk'n'roll I spose anyway...there it is...we are waitng for anutha date @ The Jug so keep em peeled...gig list wise !!......TBC's gig @ The Flapper & Firkin in Brum on Saturday 21st February has been penned in for a video/DVD shoot (as long as it don't go pear shaped b4 then !).....anyway it would be neat to see all TBC people down there wooping & holloring to the lads know how it goes to give the impression TBC are a real band...instead of a pretend one (haaaaahaaaaaaa...only joking lads !) the guys are starting recording their "proper" first album on the 20th February in Pacific Studio's......the album will probably be released on Icubator later this year.....shweeeeeeeeet ! more positive vibes for the 'Wide Eyed Ideas' ep from those groovy dudes @ MANILLA MAGAZINE clik link and the CHARTS button and read....and hey you can even vote for our favourite band...just to show there's love in the room.....erm....on the web !!!........anyway tis good, you can also read the review on our PRESS page, apparently Manilla Magazine have asked the boys to do a full blown interview feature for their next issue.
Xposed magazine have also given the chaps a good review from a recent Edwards Number 8 gig in brum....again go to our
PRESS page to read the hallowed words of wisdom ! ;-) we have had a little news that the next tinybluechildren ep & posibly the lads debut album will both come out on Birmingham's Incubator Records label, more news about this soon, tbc have just finished demo'ing 3 brand new (ish) choons 'Authority', 'Panic & Frustration' & 'As you know'...the guys aint letting on yet whether these tracks are gonna be included on their next ep or not.......little tykes..........they tell me bloody anything...........;-( !!! tinybluechildren played the Xposed magazine showcase.....and did they deliver....erm....well.....yeh.....sort of.....the TBC chaps did a tight raging set but hey ho.....sadly a younger newer model got the spoils...heeheeeee (who you calling bitter, dickwad !)...anyway it was a neat day (LOOOOOONG but neat !).....some well ard bands and ADRENALINE (a local rockin,boppin....poppety pop poppin, RATM'el'LINKINPARKesque combo) came out on top.......having sed that our faves ENEMO-J, they had everything, image siiiiiiize, moshpitters, tattoo' up to the ceiling....VOLUME.. .....MEEEEEEEEEEETAL and they really were bloody awesome, I tipped them as the winners like by a mile....but hey wot the hell do I know about musac !! heehee ;-)......anyway the TBC's wish ADRENALINE all the best they did put in a rather spiffing little cosy 10 minutes after all......shweeeeeeeeeeeet !!....oh yeh nearly forgot the latest FESTIVE TBC cartoon is now online HERE ! heeheeheeee......ace tbc gitarist.....erm........tinyblueBEN....has been up to no good....going on his hols......taking in the sun.....basking on the beach with a HOT female in tow !!!......and erm..........yeh having his back waxed (!!!) u do !?....anyway we thought it would be just neato to catch the whole event on video ;-)........anyway you take take a look at the sed video on our downloads page, oh yeh is he naked (YUK!) ? I hear all you fine wenches askin !?.........well kinda, half naked I would say ! he in pain... ...HAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA.....OH YES..........!!!! watch the event of the..........month, HERE (a little bit o pain neva urt anyone U know ! ;-) more apologising....the lads got to the bar academy gig and the main act BEECHER (or main support !) hadn't turned up so....the promoter was pissed off...we were pissed off, the 200 people who had bought tickets were pissed off.......and the gig was off !! sorry...there was nuthin we could do about apologies again to everyone who turned up to see us........ A new Halloween "Flavored" cartoon has been added take a gander !............HERE ! The chaps have picked up a decent bit of press for the "Wide Eyed Ideas" ep in Logo Magazine, go take a look tis goot....LOOK !! oh yeh plus we've added the second TBC cartoon.....heeheee David Blaine eat your heart out..out shit he can't eat ! oops !! anyway its HERE so go take a look and tell yer friends..... We'd jut like to say a huuuuuuuuuuuge sorry to everybody who turned up at the Upstairs at the Garage gig in London on Saturday 18th October, only to find we weren't there.....its a long story but our hire van's engine seized halfway up the M1....with all the bands backline & 3 fifths of the band members in it......and we just could not get to the gig....five hours in a motorway service station was not our ideal way to spend a day when we should'v been playing, but hey wotcanyado !?, anyway the van had to be low-loaded back to hence, no we say....apologies to everybody, we are arranging more London dates now.......oh yeh !, anybody know a decent van hire company ! hohoho !! ;-(.... tinybluechildren's "Wide Eyed Ideas" is being played every hour every day this week on Storm Radio, its part of the stations wicked "Rock Revolution" competition for unsigned bands, you can listen live on the web @ or hear the station on Sky Digital Channel 860, NTL Digital Channel 881 or Telewest Digital Channel 925......there really is no excuse not to vote for our chaps.......anyway here's allllllll the details ! all got mobile fones I hope ??... basically if TBC get lots of text votes from good people (creep) like yerselves, spanking TBC tune "Wide Eyed Ideas" get put on Storm Radio's national playlist (that means lots & lots of plays...= more bodies @ gigs = fame & fortune.....Gareth Gates stylee !!....and mayb the whole band gets to sleep with good ole houshold uk slapper Jordan....heehee...sorry we jest about the last cupla bits !) plus the track gets added to the radio stations new compilation album to be released soooooon !!!.......well there you have it, all we need now is your votes (honest we do)'s wot u do.......

to this fone number:
07870 150 151

Oh yeh nearly forgot voting starts from Monday 13th Oct and goes on till Sunday 19th October (2003)..........(thats one whole of your earthweeks kaptain !)

Thats all there is to it....simple......PLUS you can vote more than once so if you're feeling can I say it...yeh ! like really making our day, you can vote every day for the next week....or even numerous amounts of times every day (woooh boy....!)...anyway, I feel you're now getting the drift.......go on vote on TinyBluePeople !!............

We'd do the same for you.....honest !!! PEACE OUT !!