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Sticky Liquor

Sticky Liquor Live in concert.

One of the UK's hottest Blues/Rock bands, were formed by Black Country guitarist Gerry Riley (man has he got the blues... P.S. that means he has!!). Gerry has been playing guitar for god knows how long and has a great emotional blues feel to his playing having played in the past with the likes of Gary Moore, Robert Plant & Hamburger Mary to name a few.

Gerry has recently been playing many solo acoustic shows, he has also released a wonderful solo album titled Burying Ghosts, this has got to be heard, most of the album is made up of his own compositions with a few of his favourite covers thrown in for good measure.

Gerry (Vox/Gitar) Live.Clive (Gitar) Live in concert.Gerry Live.

The two Sticky liquor albums currently available are titled: Bottled Blues and Born Under A Bad Sign Live, Sticky Liquor live are a treat for any self respecting Blues man (or woman).

Sticky Liquor are one of the tightest Blues/Rock outfits you're likely to see on the live circuit at the moment, as well as Gerry Riley on guitar and vocals, the band are made up of (longtime friend of Gerry's) Clive Pearsall who has recently took up writing and producing for various Birmingham artists, this guy is a composed player who's style sits perfectly with Gerry's more (over the top) dynamic frills, Clive in the past has played with the likes of Outrageous, The Switch, Giants Of Soul and also "Tenboy".

Dean (Drums) Live in concert.Paul Live in concert.

Paul Cooper the boombastic bassman is a seasoned pro, he holds down the band perfectly and he once played in a punk band who actually offered a fan five grand (5000) to decapitate himself on stage, at one of the bands shows...(much to the amusement of THE SUN newspaper), you'll be glad to hear the guy didn't do it (or maybe you won't).

Dean Cook is the rock solid drummer who has been playing in many bands (check out "Tenboy" & Machine Boy to name two) over the years, and was once a member of a rock band (BRIAR) who were managed by Jonathan King (you remember Jump up and down and wave your knickers in the air....a classic....DOH!), Dean for some reason laughs off this time in his life, ask him about it he'll say "ar mate it was cookin!!"), anyway although Briar were tipped for huge success, it didn't happen, and Dean now spends his time playing drums (for whoever), writing songs, doing session stuff and working on his art (but he is a damb fine drummer !).