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dcmusic are uk writers/producers dean cook & clive pearsall who are currently writing & recording music for various tv, film & radio projects.

they currently use various mac & pc based software including logic audio, reason, fruity pro & sound forge for recording, plus logic audio for writing to picture. clive & dean have a number of other projects, dean is involved with projects such as
tenboy which is a pop/rock act in the vein of crowded house, neil finn & david gray plus machine boy which is a purely electronic project.

clive & dean have played in a number of bands together such as hobo & sticky liquor etc...they are currently working on a number of projects under the dcmusic guise, including documentaries, extreme sports films and a couple of usa short movie soundtracks.

dcmusic have had music featured in recent projects such as mtv real world, monkey kingdom, black diamond films, chillimedia, concrete wave & rad tv for channels such as channel 5, channel 4, sky, extreme channel, meridian & various usa syndicated tv channels.

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