We currently have a number of BRIAR CD's/vinyl
for sale, take a look they're all brand new items.
The first item is a CD of the officially unreleased
album TAKE ON THE WORLD, this copy originated
from the USA, it was produced as a bootleg and
altho its not from the original masters, it does
capture Briar at their BEST & most powerful.
The band actually feel this is their best album !,
we do too ! AWESOME !!

Take On The World cover.

Take On The World
Gbb Productions 86 (Gbb1)
(8 Track CD Album 1986)
1. Take On The World.
2. Closing In.
3. Odd One Out.
4. Everybody.
5. Always Gonna Love You.
6. Lorraine.
7. Without You.
8. Keep On Running.

Hard Times cover.

Hard Times
Shotgun Charlie Records (Gbb6)
(8 Track CD Album 1992)
1. Hard Times.
2. Breakin Away.
3. Chance In A Million.
4. All She Wants.
5. I Know You're Lyin.
6. Burnin Down.
7. To My Door.
8. My Generation.

Too Young cover.

Too Young
Shotgun Charlie Records (Gbb7)
(10 Track CD Album 1985)
1. Throught The Night.
2. Push It To The Limit.
3. One More Chance.
4. Too Young.
5. Phone Me.
6. Two Hearts.
7. Send Me A Line.
8. A day In A Life.
9. Freedom.
10. Prisoner.

Rainbow To The Skies
Happy Face Records (MM142)
(2 Track 7" Vinyl Single 1983)
1. Rainbow To The Skies.
2. Crying In The Rain.
Currently only available
without picture sleeve.

Gimme All You Got
Shotgun Charlie Records (SCR1)
(2 Track 7" Vinyl Single 1989)
1. Gimme All You Got.
2. Stop Me Foolin Around.
Includes picture sleeve.

All She Wants
Shotgun Charlie Records (SCR2)
(2 Track 7" Vinyl Single 1992)
1. All She Wants.
2. To My Door.
Includes picture sleeve.

Prices & order details:
CD's are 11,
7" Vinyl is 6,
Prices include Post & Packing
inside UK.
Please add 2 extra outside UK.
Send cheques payable to:
Post to:
The Shotgun Charlie Label,
155 Drews Lane,
Ward End,
Birmingham B8 2QF,
United Kingdom.
Please allow 5/7 days for delivery.
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